Our creative strength

At HUGO we create impassioned restaurant, hotel and lifestyle projects, having completed over 150 hospitality projects since the start of our studio in 2009. It’s our boundless enthusiasm for designing extraordinary hospitality concepts, the joy of collaboration and keeping the essence in mind that results in the most thrilling and viable interiors. We believe in a very honest and direct approach, based around the functional aspects of the spaces we design. Our main goal is to instill our projects with purpose and beauty in equal measure. Our intrinsic understanding of the requirements and operations of hospitality venues allows us to work with our clients in a structured, efficient way, from the initial concept stages through the construction process. For years we’re trusted by independent owners and international brands.

Hugo Broeders

Founder & Head of Design

Debby Wentink

Concept Development & Design

Simone Luijben

Interior Design
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Esmee Kemper

Interior Design
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Mitchell Koolhoven

Interior Design
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How we work

Creating hospitality concepts

Always focused on the most optimal layout for you, your staff and your guests, we provide a full spectrum of services. From brand research and concept development, to bespoke lighting and furniture design. And everything in between. Every project is original and genuine. We study the client’s needs, goals and listen to their dreams. We work hand in hand with your team throughout the project to ensure that our design work will not only meet up to your expectations, but will exceed them. If the space, the people, the experience all vibe together in the end, we know we’ve done our homework. Last, but not least, delivering on time and on budget is key in our approach, we understand that your success is our success. Your venue needs to be a business as well as a work of art.


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“ We aim to design aesthetic, functional spaces which portray their history, their location and their ethos “